Rigetti Computing Delivers Novera™ QPU to Horizon Quantum Computing for Singapore-Based Hardware Testbed

Rigetti sells Novera QPU to Horizon Quantum Computing for its first quantum computing system in its newly opened hardware testbed in Singapore.

BERKELEY, Calif., April 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rigetti Computing, Inc. (Nasdaq: RGTI) (“Rigetti” or the “Company”), a pioneer in full-stack quantum-classical computing, announces the sale of a Novera™ quantum processing unit (QPU) to Horizon Quantum Computing. This marks the Company’s third sale of a Novera QPU, and is the Company’s first QPU located in Singapore. The Novera QPU will be installed in Horizon Quantum Computing’s new hardware testbed in Singapore, and will be Horizon’s first quantum computing system. The system is expected to be installed by early 2025.

The system will integrate Horizon’s software stack, Triple Alpha, and Quantum Machines’ OPX1000 processor-based quantum controller.

The 9-qubit Novera QPU is based on the Company’s fourth generation Ankaa™-class architecture featuring tunable couplers and a square lattice for denser connectivity and fast 2-qubit operations. The Novera QPU is manufactured in Rigetti’s Fab-1, the industry’s first dedicated and integrated quantum device manufacturing facility.

“We are witnessing the emergence of a vibrant on-premise quantum computing market. Quantum computing researchers need hands-on access to quantum technology to gain a deeper understanding of how to work towards useful quantum computing. We launched the Novera QPU to address this need — and we are thrilled that our longtime partners at Horizon selected our hardware to advance their quantum computing journey,” said Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, Rigetti CEO.

“Tight integration between hardware and software will be necessary for quantum computing to reach its full potential. That’s why we have established a testbed for integrating our software development tools with quantum computing systems," said Dr. Joe Fitzsimons, CEO at Horizon Quantum Computing. "We are delighted to work with our longtime partner Rigetti on the first testbed system, which will be powered by the Novera QPU. While we may be one of the first quantum software companies to embrace on-premises quantum computing, I doubt that we will be the last.”

The Company’s first two Novera QPU sales were to leading US government labs — the Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems Center (SQMS) led by Fermilab, and the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL).

About Rigetti
Rigetti is a pioneer in full-stack quantum computing. The Company has operated quantum computers over the cloud since 2017 and serves global enterprise, government, and research clients through its Rigetti Quantum Cloud Services platform. The Company’s proprietary quantum-classical infrastructure provides high performance integration with public and private clouds for practical quantum computing. Rigetti has developed the industry’s first multi-chip quantum processor for scalable quantum computing systems. The Company designs and manufactures its chips in-house at Fab-1, the industry’s first dedicated and integrated quantum device manufacturing facility. Learn more at www.rigetti.com.

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